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Carmelo Prado
Cuban Artist


Here you can also see the works of the
Cuban painter,  Yuri Prado


Bailándole a Mi
(Oricha Ochum)
36x48 Mixed technique
$2600 US


As it is well known, the style "naif" is not a rigid artistic movement nor does it know or practice a determined esthetic doctrine. From the beginning of its grand formation in diverse latitudes and persons beginning with Rousseau the customs agent, Vivien, John Kane, Grandma Moses, Vivancos, etc., from the beginning of the original cultivators, not one has practiced an esthetic doctrine. Champions all of an attitude purely vital, nor have they elaborated a peculiar philosophy of art nor have they interchanged formally their discoveries. They have only limited to the assimilation intuitively of the beauty of the world about them and have not desired to translate that into theories but rather in works. A painter, as we well know, is that person who in every canvas invents painting, giving preference to the truth of "telling something". They tell of a life poeticized by memory, converting their canvases, by effort and the grace of their sensitivity and function, into a subjective mix of graceful figures, delicious panoramas, stories of mysterious and refined colors, giving birth to a smile of joy in those who contemplate the works.

Carmelo L. Prado Was born on July 16th, 1930 in Havana, Cuba and has for a number of years lived in Miami. He studied at the School of Arts "SAN ALEJANDRO" in March of 1963. From 1964 to 1989 he realized activities artistic of a private nature. In the city of Miami, from 1990 to 1998 he participated in promotional activities at a number of Galleries; Picture Paradise, Padrón Galleria, (Coral Gables) Salon of Art Exhibits in the Restaurant Casa Panza (1998-2000), Republic Security Bank ( in 1999), Mi Casa Studio Colectiva (2000), Festival Hispanic (2000-2001), Miami Art Center (1999-2000), Alas de la Pequeña Havana (1999-2000), Latin American Art Museum (2001-2004), Art in the Tropic (REX Art 2000), Cultural Development Group (2000-2001), Exposition in "Centro Mas Canosa" & BIG FIVE in collective auction (2000), Cultural Event Park "JOSÉ MARTI" (2000-2001-2003), Exposition 100 years Independence of Cuba, (South Police District Miami Flagler St.(2002),  Festival Kiwanis Coral Gables (2004), Cultural Event in Doral Center (2004), Friday Culture Event in 8th Street (2004).

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24x30 Acrylic

Carmelo Prado
Cuban Artist

Telef.: Cel: 786 -709-3061



Searching for the Light
36x48 Acrylic

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